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  • What is resin?
    Resin is a popular material for making jewellery as it comes as a liquid that can be formed into durable pieces that look like glass and gemstones but are much lighter and stronger. This plastic-like material can be combined with different colouring and other materials to make stunning artistic designs that are always unique.
  • How to look after your resin jewellery?
    Our products are high quality so are made to last. However, all jewellery pieces need care to keep them in top condition. Most resin pieces are also combined with metal to make it into a necklace, earring or bracelet. The metallic elements of the jewellery are vulnerable to tarnishing so avoid contact with water or other liquids that can damage the metal. The resin itself is not damaged by water but as a plastic material it can be damaged in other ways. You need to avoid extreme heat. Our pieces are cured well but if they come into contact with a flame, they will get ruined. You don’t need to worry about yellowing due to UV light as these pieces are made with resin that is especially non-yellowing. There are other things to avoid to ensure your premium resin pieces stay in perfect condition over time. These are: sharp objects, harsh chemicals (including alcohol-based substances that are used to clean the metallic parts of the jewellery) and oils. It is also best to avoid contact with lotion, perfume and other beauty products due to their ingredients. Metal does tarnish overtime due to exposure to oxygen and water. To keep the metal looking nice but to avoid damaging the resin it is best to use warm water and dish soap to clean it. We recommend storing jewellery in a closed container that is airtight, cool and dry. This protects both the metallic and resin elements from scratches, tarnishing and other possible damage.
  • Can you wear resin jewellery?
    Artisan Flow Australia pieces are completely safe to wear. As the materials used are such high quality, there is no risk they will damage your skin in any way. They are cured and polished to the point of perfection.
  • Why buy resin jewellery over other types of jewellery?
    There are various reasons to pick resin jewellery over other more traditional pieces. As it comes as a liquid and is cured to harden, it can be made into many different shapes and designs. This flexibility gives many more options. While you should still be careful with resin pieces, they are less likely to break than fragile jewellery so you don’t have to worry about ruining your favourite accessory. It is a lightweight material so more comfortable to wear. Also, the eco-friendly resin used at Artisan Flow Australia means you don’t have to worry about damaging the planet with your purchase. You get a lovely design which is easy to wear and guilt-free.
  • Does it break easily?
    While it can look like glass or crystal, resin is not nearly as fragile. It will not smash or break as it is very strong and durable. The only way to damage resin is to scratch it with a very sharp object or to melt it if it is exposed to extreme heat for a long period of time. The resin itself is water-resistant but you do have to be careful of damaging the metallic elements which can be tarnished by exposure to water.
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